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The future is nothing without the Earth, and this is what Earth’s Disciples will wholeheartedly protect. The new land brings new ways to cultivate Earth to its finest form but also makes it vulnerable to being squeezed to its last drop. The Earth’s Disciples have launched various projects, demonstrations, and political protests to make sure that these lands are sustainable with their local flora and fauna. They also make sure to create safeguards that prevent the environment from further harm due to local waste and toxic by-products.

Earth’s Disciples focus on reusable energy and sustainable, mindful actions that lessen one’s carbon footprint. Solar power is one of their main industries. They’ve created haven parks for people to use as well as for the environment to flourish. They’ve also launched research on local natural habitats to see how humans can further improve their surroundings and adapt to nature more efficiently.
Despite their mild nature, they will not hesitate to reprimand and intervene in any initiative they deem too harmful to the environment, even going as far as shutting businesses down. They are, however, more than willing to meet halfway in creating far more sustainable means of living like creating biodegradable or recyclable materials.

Though the Earth’s Disciples see that everyone can benefit from a healthier planet, not many agree with their plans and approach. The industrialist tends to see only the short-term financial benefits and is only cooperative when projects are profitable. Technology’s endeavors for sustainability aren’t always the priority when innovations cost resources. Meanwhile, the general public needs both time and patience to manage waste and keep their carbon footprint according to the Earth’s Disciples’ standards.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t discourage John Smith and the Earth’s Disciples, as the challenge to bring Earth back to its former glory is a glory of its own.
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John Smith & the Earth’s Disciples

Most people see John Smith as an overly enthusiastic environmentalist, but there is a method to his madness. What started as a young child eager for nature walks and hikes turned into an unquenchable need to explore and see what the world has to offer. In this pale blue dot, he realized how small but mighty human beings create ripples across the earth and the damages that they’ve done.

He has volunteered and contributed to research in multiple environmental organizations since he was a teenager. He has learned in his travel and studies how fleeting and fragile nature is and studied intensely the impacts of climate change and various ways to conserve the planet. Eventually, he also learned how to find the middle ground with businessmen, technology, and people, creating possibilities to bring them all into a sustainable future.
He realized that he must find a way to repay Mother Earth and repair the damages done to her. A well-known figure in environmental protests, he often tried to find the best move to protect the environment by seeking sustainable alternatives, or if more convincing was needed, outright boycotts. He sought out and gathered like-minded individuals who want to preserve natural wildlife and create a livable environment for humans and for many generations to come.

With the rise of Cryptopia, John Smith saw a way to start anew and be the pioneers of a new era. He created the Earth's Disciples to protect this modern Eden, envisioning it as a fresh start, where the harmony of technology and humans bring Mother Nature to its highest potential.
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